It’s Time, It’s Time, It’s Time! Do Not Give Up!

This is a word of encouragement from both Anne Marie Molster and Amie Rogers. They address how the Lord is calling forth His Elijah’s, and how it is not a time to give up. Additionally, one of them recently had a vision of a tug-of-war game and shares how that ties into their message.


We are in a moment of miraculous manifestation from Heaven that requires our obedience and, more importantly, our boldness! You see, set before a massive crowd was what I call, an “Altar of Impossibility.” Many of us have multiple Altars of Impossibility in our lives; be it our finances, family, relationships, health, work – you name it, there is something about that situation that holds the appearance of “impossible.”

As the Lord is calling us out to be His Elijahs, we are being tasked with boldly standing at our Altars of Impossibility. In our deep-rooted trust and obedience, we boldly speak out His truth over that situation and in doing so, we are placing God’s name on that altar and calling forth His possible to come handle our impossible! Speak it even when your thoughts and emotions don’t want to line up with the truth; shout it out anyway. Those thoughts and emotions will eventually submit to the truth because there is power in it!


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