Is Trump Too Rude?

Mario Murillo shares the comparison of former President Harry Truman to our current President, Donald J. Trump. He includes the letter Truman had written a to Paul Hume where he threatened him with the need of a new nose should they ever meet in person, and of the media’s insatiable need to destroy Trump.


This historical perspective shows us Trump is not the madman, the media needs him to be.

Notice I said need.  They need to destroy him.  It is a bottomless need.  It is a need so intense it consumed all rational journalism.  Facts are irrelevant. Any good Trump does must be ignored or twisted into evil.  They have sold their souls.  Alec Baldwin said, “there is no way to be too nasty to Trump.”

The need has reduced them to pathetic, blithering automatons who must tell the most trivial lies about him: killing goldfish, and how many scoops of ice cream he takes.

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Source: Is Trump Too Rude? | Mario Murillo

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