Is George Soros Funding Division?

Mario Murillo covers a question asking if liberal billionaire George Soros could be funding division in the church. He lists an example of the group The Sojourners, led by Jim Wallis. He also shares how the group American Association of Evangelicals (AAE), released a video on this subject stating that Soros money has been infiltrating the Christian base.


“Soros Funding of Sojourners Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg,” wrote National Review in August of 2010.  Not only that but this has been going on for years.  The Blaze reported this back in October 2011: ““George Soros Sends $150000 to Jim Wallis‘ Left-Wing Group Sojourners.”

The Sojourners has wholly given themselves over to the left but continues to masquerade as Evangelical Christians doing the work of Christ.

Their website says things like, “We are evangelicals, Catholics, Pentecostals and Protestants; progressives and conservatives; blacks, whites, Latinos, and Asians; women and men; young and old … [and] seek to discover the intersection of faith, politics, and culture,”

Their magazine says things like “No Wall Between Amigos.” And this: “Conservative Court-Packing Isn’t About Abortion — It’s About Culture: If the Right really cares about abortion, they should reduce poverty.” And this: “In the Midst of a Political Emergency: The administration is threatening the soul of this nation.”

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Source: Is George Soros Funding Division? | Mario Murillo

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