Iowa Professor Resigns After Declaring ‘I Am Antifa’

An adjunct English professor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, told a local ABC affiliate last week, “I affirm that I am Antifa.” According to an official with Kirkwood Community College where the professor later resigned from, stated the decision was due to safety concerns.


“Our decision to remove Mr. Klinzman from the classroom has nothing to do with the substance of his views or his right to express them,” Ms. Sundberg wrote. “Rather, our decision is based solely on our commitment to fostering a safe learning environment for our students, faculty and staff.

“I also want to be clear that Kirkwood Community College fully supports Mr. Klinzman’s right to articulate his views in whatever forum he chooses,” she continued. “This action does not in any way prevent him from continuing to engage in the expression of free speech. However, when the expression of views by him or any member of our community is perceived as placing public safety in jeopardy, or hampers our ability to deliver on our mission, we will always do what is necessary in service to our students’ pursuit of a higher education.”

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Source: Iowa Professor Resigns After Declaring ‘I Am Antifa’ | Washington Examiner

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