Mario Murillo covers how there are those in social media posing and commenting as though they are Christians. Some have been exposed to be leftist activists, trained to mimic and make themselves sound as though they are credible believers. Murillo also points out how this is not only a distraction but also a tactic to spread apathy amongst Christians.



It’s obvious that this one of many attempts of distraction—a distraction away from the nation-killing evil that is even at the door. If we let voices like this one fool us, by shaming our faith, it spells doom for America. Trump, like him or hate him, is virtually the last firewall against the villainous policies of the left.

Another even more subtle approach of these posers is spread apathy by telling believers political involvement shows a distrust for God.  some say, “it’s all in God’s hands. Don’t interfere in His work”

Don’t believe them.  And don’t you say you believe it is all in God’s hands while you oppose the solution He has sent. Trump isn’t our pastor. He is a wrecking ball to ideas that hate God, Israel, you, and your children.  Don’t ask Trump to do our job.

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Source: Infiltrators | Mario Murillo

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