I’m Talking To Steve Taylor On Evangelical Voters & The Courts

Today on Firewall, we’ll be talking to Steve Taylor, former CEO of Fresh Express. He’s one of the people that I look to for insight into what’s going on in the government mountain and politics in general. 

His political knowledge is excellent, and although you already know that the current Democratic party is no longer the party of Kennedy or Clinton, now it’s a weaponized Marxist group that divides America. They are the American bolsheviks. 

Now you may be a Christian, love your family, and are dedicated to your job. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might be getting your company back on its feet and still be one of the 30 to 35 million people that are allowing the country to be lost because you’re not engaged politically.

There are 30 – 39 million evangelical people who don’t vote. If even 10% of those people became politically aware and engaged, that could bring America back from the brink of catastrophe.

Steve will tell you that part of the reason that he’s gotten involved,  is to really find these disengaged faith voters, then figure out how to get them engaged. He’ll also explain that one of the greatest threats to the nation’s future is apathy regarding the Supreme Court. He’ll tell us what kind judges we need on the Supreme, Circuit, and District courts and how that will shape the entire future of the United States.

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