If This Was

Mario Murillo writes a compelling article here and asks several tough, questions. It’s not just what he’s asking; it is also WHO he’s asking, Pastors and members of America’s largest churches. Questions such as whether it is petty or not to point out whether “success” coincides with America’s fastest moral decline. He also points out how the American Church will face a day of reckoning with American culture.


Today we see a great evil in America. Congregations will enrich, yea they will elevate to superstar status any speaker who can eloquently keep the rightful demands of God off their backs.

Someone like me can be easily dismissed. When you take aim at vastly successful, far-flung Christian enterprises, you are easily rejected.   People will ask “how can you deny its effectiveness?” Or you hear them accuse saying, “You’re just being petty and jealous.”

But there are disturbing questions.  Is it petty to point out that this “success” coincides with America’s fastest moral decline? Is it jealousy to say that atheism and paganism have accelerated even as celebrity Pastors boast of their impact? Is it possible that in cheapening the Gospel we have paid a steep price?

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Source: If This Was | Mario Murillo

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