I saw Egypt and Iran in the Spirit: Prophet Charlie Shamp

When thinking on sheep and goat nations, this word came to my attention. Two of the nations in the middle east that are constantly in the news are Iran and Egypt. God is moving there despite what the news says!


Here’s an excerpt:

Behold, I will break your bow Iran, the foremost of your might will be destroyed! For I will cause you to be dismayed before your enemies and before those who seek your life. I will bring disaster upon you and I will send the sword of my word and it will strike your heart, yes the heart of Tehran. I will set My throne in your nation and will destroy from there the king and the princes. I will bring back the captives of the nation. Those who gather with me in secret to pray are more then those who meet with you in the open. I have heard the cry of my people coming from this land for freedom. I have caused my word to be heard in the heart of the nation and soon some you trust will turn to me and bow their knee. The destruction I will bring will not be by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit. My hand will sweep across the nation and many will be saved in one single day.

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