I Saw An Angel In California In 2017 Named ‘209!’

Jennifer Eivaz shares a prophetic word she received for the state of California as well as a vision of America. Her word includes a return of the rains to California, as well as the political nature changing from blue to red.


I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to write, “You have deeply prayed for righteousness. You have vehemently prayed down lawlessness. You are seeing the fruit of your prayers. Boundaries and borders are being established in the nation as lawlessness is being firmly challenged. Still, America will not lose her compassion. She is still a melting pot, but I am remolding this melting pot to prevent a melt-down. Be flexible and optimistic with change. In the midst of change, remember that I AM still mercy. The scepter of mercy will continue in America. Therefore, don’t be discouraged by the angry clamor. Turn off the clatter, don’t be alarmed, and listen to Me. I am moving things into place. I am working on behalf of this nation.”

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Source: I Saw An Angel In California In 2017 Named ‘209!’ | The Elijah List

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