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Mario Murillo: In a previous article, Mario had addressed “Christians Who Hate Trump…”. The response he received was rather enlightening, as well as humorous. But what was interesting was to find is how what he actually wrote versus what people said he wrote, differed.


Excerpt from Mario Murillo:

It was interesting how many thought I was drawing dirty pictures—claiming I said any Christian who disagrees with Trump hates him.  I never said that. 

It was equally remarkable to see how angry they got—how they took it so personally.

Some of the comments were hilarious.  “I am a believer, I don’t hate him. Even though he is a pathological liar, and a wolf.”  Other Christians cited the audio of Trump from 12 years ago as proof that he is evil.  Not even considering he might have changed.  Again, they add the disclaimer, “but I don’t hate him.”

But my favorite criticisms came from those who said:

-This is why young people won’t listen to us.

-The article is divisive to the Body of Christ.

-Stay out of politics.  No politician or party can be used of God.

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