I Love Facebook

I Love Facebook, but they shot themselves in the foot when they created “algorithms” to kill off people like you and me who are conservatives. I am not Fake News and the Huffington Post, NYT and CNN are far from reliable. They are dominated by the Left.

I’m part of a group of 50 million consumers who think different than the 20,000 employees in Silicon Valley who find our views outside of their mainstream.

Here’s a secret. We are a huge consumer base. We own FB stock. We don’t trust FB anymore. We’re a reluctant customer looking for an alternative. That’s not good brand management. And that’s why FB has bad days like they had this week.

The CEO of FB needs to meet privately with some evangelicals and conservative billionaires who made their money in Silicon Valley. He needs to understand what conservatives really think. And yea, I’ve heard he met some before, but I’m a skeptic.

I can arrange the meeting, and nobody will ever know. It will be private.

But I don’t think anyone will take me up on the offer.

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