How to Strike the Ground into the Fullness of Victory!

Kathi Pelton writes about how she’s had a recurring theme for March. One of them is “Strike the ground,” which comes from 2 Kings 13, the story of when King Joash went to visit Elisha as he was sick and dying. This is also the same chapter regarding what the prophet called, the “arrow of the Lord’s victory.” Pelton also shares how the arrow of the Lord’s victory goes before us.



I believe that the arrow of the Lord’s victory has once again been aimed and fired and the prophets are directing the Church to pick up arrows and strike the ground.Not once, twice, or three times, but the full amount needed to completely destroy the enemy and the sin that has come upon the land. Our nation, and many nations, have done evil in the sight of the Lord and God is calling for repentance; He tells us to turn away from our sin and the sins of our people and call out to Him for mercy and cleansing. The Church has been found with sin and stain and that has stopped us from receiving full victory.

This time can be different! A remnant is arising that is repenting and striking the ground until the enemy and the “evil done in the sight of God” is thoroughly destroyed. We have come to the end of an era where the Church fell short, allowing offenses to divide us and opening gaps in our defenses for the enemy to exploit and advance his agendas. But we are beginning to strike the ground of the places in our hearts and lives that have been occupied by the enemy. We are simultaneously striking the ground of the land with repentance, prayer, the Blood of Jesus, declarations of His Word, and worship.

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Source: How to Strike the Ground into the Fullness of Victory! | The Elijah List

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