How To Receive Supernatural Favor Bible Study Part 1

Did you know that Jews all over the world are today celebrating a feast made possible by favor?

Favor is the attraction of God TO you, that releases an influence THROUGH you, so that other people are inclined to like you, trust you, and work with you – in the ASSIGNMENT God gave you!

In its Biblical form it is almost ALWAYS related to your God given assignment. Think of Joseph, David, Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah and Mary. These are the notable Bible characters where the word “favor” showed up.

Favor is specific and not generic. When you are in a room with a multitude of people the “favor factor” will touch one person, not everyone. That one person is the key that opens a door to your next step. There are numerous current day examples of this, but I will stick for the moment with the obvious Bible characters.

Favor is the stickiness factor. It’s like honey. It is what happens when you meet the right people and stand out because of a “favorable” impression. They remember you and want to work with you.

This is Purim, the day when the Hebrew people were marked for extinction in the capital city of the conquering Persians – the seat of the modern day regime in Iran, Israel’s number #1 enemy in the Middle East.

On this day the Jews were granted permission to defend themselves and defeat their enemy, a deep state actor named Haman who was committed to annihilate the Hebrews.

Deep state, Israel, Iran, Favor… all still relate to current events today.

PURIM is an example of how “favor” promoted a young Jewish woman into a position to save a nation. Esther had supernatural favor, and that same favor is promoting Gods people today! It’s time for you to carry this favor factor into your own world where divine appointments do more in a moment than clever marketing and P.R. can do in a lifetime.

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