How to hear God in a time of transition!

Here are some of the keys I talked about.
1. What moves you deeply indicates a problem you are called to solve.
2. Your history leaves clues: what do your history, talent and acquired skills prepare you to do best?
3. What is the reocurring dream and desire call you to? Who are you helping?
4. Who is coming to you for help?
5. Where can you serve without a prospect of personal gain?

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3 Comments on "How to hear God in a time of transition!"

  1. Barbara Baker

    Thank you for your word. What an encouragement. Loved the points you presented at the end, the resonate in my spirit as spot on. I will be one who takes this counsel and reflect and implement it in my own life.

  2. Mildred Layman

    Thank you, Lance and Annabelle, for your integrity in what you do, and your role in equipping us to go and disciple nations.

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