How to Engage in the Midterm Elections

From Dutch Sheets is a word how to engage in this year’s highly crucial midterm elections. He also talks about the importance of being able to focus on the Lord in the midst of chaos, and how voting is an act of faith.


Even though the enemy likes to highlight our differences and stir up strife in order to create chaos, we are still in the middle of a God-ordained turnaround. The enemy is losing ground that he has held for decades. America is being restored. Our judicial system is returning to its appropriate roll.

If you have been torn over the local election in your area and are wondering who to vote for, some of my guiding principles are: biblical principles, family values, pro-life.

Vote for those who will honor God by leading well in those areas. For me, other issues will then fall in line.

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Source: How to Engage in the Midterm Elections | The Elijah List

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