How Navy SEALs Plan, Lead And Learn

This article was written by Brent Gleeson, a contributor for Forbes, and former Navy SEAL shares how Navy SEAL teams achieve success on any battlefield. It requires effective strategic planning, leadership, execution, and debriefing. He also shares Seven Steps for Effective Planning and a Rapid Debriefing Checklist to achieve a well-executed After-Action Review.


This is where the “what ifs” come in to play. When identifying the elements out of your control and discussing the unknowns, make appropriate contingency plans – if this happens then you do the following. List key indicators for when the time comes to course correct to a contingency and the actions associated with that plan.

You can build a simple one-page template for this process to be used during any planning session. In effective meetings (where people come well-prepared), teams can learn to use this model to develop a solid plan in fifteen minutes, as opposed to days or weeks.

Once the plan is finalized, its time for everyone to execute!

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Source: How Navy SEALs Plan, Lead And Learn | Forbes

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