Hollywood Rocked by Roseanne Ratings

Rush takes an even deeper look into the shocking numbers over the show’s comeback episodes that aired a few days ago. While the numbers were astounding he gives what he believes the reasons are behind them. Its and interesting contrast to Shapiro’s almost scathing type of appraisal the day after. Rush has had more time in the business, he’s older and a bit wiser, thus offering a well-rounded analysis.

Here’s an excerpt:

But for this show to have an audience of 18 million and to not finish in the top 20 in New York City, the Tri-State market, nor finish in the top 30 in Los Angeles, whoa! The demographics on that will blow your mind. So advertisers are gonna be looking at that, ABC is gonna be looking at that, all kinds of, quote, unquote, experts are gonna be looking at that and trying to figure out, holy smokes, this throws everything we’ve ever believed upside down. We can have the highest rated show ever and nobody in New York watch it?

Now, given that and Hollywood’s supposedly doing a lot of soul-searching, do you really think they’re gonna act on that? Do you think Hollywood’s gonna start making TV shows that have no interest to people in New York? And further, why didn’t this show have any interest in New York? Why didn’t it have any appeal to people in Los Angeles? Well, there’s a lot of answers to it. I mean, in both cities, you’re talking about high concentrations of raw leftism, raw liberalism. And as part of raw liberalism, you have raw hatred.

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