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The Elijah List: There have been several similar words on this very subject by other prophets. God is speaking to us in this hour of a remnant, new wineskins, reformation and about apostolic mantles. Holly shares what the Lord spoke to her on these very same things.

Excerpt from The Elijah List:

A new wineskin is being birthed in the apostolic and prophetic movement. There’s a cutting-edge remnant who are bold for reformation and fiercely on fire for Jesus! As the world gets darker and the earth groans with the birth pains of labor, an arising of this remnant with sharp revelatory and visionary skills (using leading-edge technology to advance the Kingdom) are spearheading a modern-day move of the Holy Spirit.

A new wave of the Spirit of God, through this cutting-edge apostolic remnant, is moving through places of worship to re-identify old apostolic structures. The glory of God is resting on these consecrated ones to bring revelation light and new life to a sleeping Bride. Where old wineskins are in need of a fresh impartation of Holy Ghost power, this cutting-edge move of the Spirit is breathing new life into hungry, dry and weary souls. The apostolic and prophetic movement are getting a fresh wind behind their sails! Just like Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding of Cana in Galilee, God has saved His best moves for last to demonstrate His life transforming and miraculous power (John 2:1-12)!

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Source: Holly Watson: ‘A New Apostolic Edge Is Coming’ | The Elijah List

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