Here’s What Really Happened Last Night

Mario Murillo gives his analysis for this year’s midterms. Murillo lists several facts to help get a positive perspective, including how Obama’s losses were double the losses of the night.


-Star power and lefty billionaire money did not deliver key victories. There were key losses for Obama, Oprah, Hollywood and leftist billionaires in Texas, Florida, and Georgia.  Pop superstar Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen failed to persuade the great people of Tennessee on Tuesday.  This is a clear indication that Trump is more popular than they want to admit, and star power is less than they hoped.

-Governorship victories in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and Vermont???  These and other key Governors victories point to strong reasons for hope in Trump’s reelection.  Note: Governor Kasich did not help Trump in Ohio in 2016.  The new governor DeWine is all in for Trump.

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Source: Here’s What Really Happened Last Night | Mario Murillo

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