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  1. I am sharing wi6th you a letter I wrote the President.
    February 1, 2021
    515 North County Road, Palm Beach, Florida 33480
    Dear Mr. President,
    I’m 86, retired, and tasked with the responsibility of explaining the mind of God to people. No, I’m not new at this; I’ve been doing it for 10 years.
    Let me explain what is going on and why you can relax for a while. God works in centuries and decades. He has planned a soon-return of Jesus but before that date He brings the world to judgment.
    His word says, “Judgment begins at the House of God,” first the leaders then the flock. The very first judgment was The Flood. Then the Jews. Their judgment came on priests by the death of Jesus and they lost their homeland for 2,000 years. The next judgment was on the people themselves; The Holocaust was their judgment, and as a reward they received their nation. Today Israel can hardly do anything wrong.
    The next House of God is the Church. The first judgment came upon the leaders of the Roman Catholic church in the bubonic plague which destroyed their credibility. The next was the protestant church. In 2019 the American Christian churches lost 75% of their believers. Committed believers are off doing other things. You know many of these leaders.
    Then the Republican leaders got the axe starting with FDR’s entitlement society. Now today we see the Democrats getting their due. It doesn’t look like it but their days are numbered as each one of them takes a stand in the Valley of Decision. That is why God let the Dems have the Senate.
    God cannot bring judgment without first getting a clear decision against Himself from everyone. They are taking sides. Yes, things will get much worse. It is apparent Democrats are deliberately bankrupting the country so they can take over the halls of power and the money. And God is letting them make their own bed. They are in a position now where they have no one to blame!!
    Please, for all our sakes, just chill. Of course, you’ll return to D.C. just on His schedule, not yours. God will relitigate your election and get His way. When you stand down, God will stand up for you. and straighten it all out.
    Years ago, someone did me dirty and ruined my reputation in the process. I forgave the woman and went my way. Later on, the judgment by God was so harsh I could not believe she survived. If you forgive your enemies, you will be shocked at what God will do to them, in public for all to see.

    Cornelia Scott Cree.com Lifelong Republican. My old website can be found at https://woulduconsider.wpcomstaging.com/2016/08/15/bsd-the-ultimate-in-anti-semitism/. See Psalm 2. The new site has not been indexed.
    PS Mark Meadows may remember me. I lived in the 11th District NC for many years.

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