Have You Spotted The Prophetic Pattern Hidden In Your Bible?

Join me as we discover the prophetic pattern, hidden in the Bible, that explains the rise of Donald Trump… And What Is Coming Next! You’ll want to check out the cool manual I have just for you! It contains a prophetic summary of all that is going on. It will help explain the hidden patterns in the Bible, in terms of the cycles of what is taking place. Even the Sanhedrin are tracking more than the Evangelicals on how President Trump is prophetically fulfilling something in history. I still think the church is missing its own timeline.

Here is some of what you will find:

  • What is a “chaos President” and why America needs one?
  • What was happening when Trump emerged?
  • Who shapes the evangelical community?
  • Understand the connection between Trump and the Church?

Don’t miss how I show you where we are in the prophetic timeline with the remnant, what the connection is with Zerubabbel, and more. 

Get it all here in this broadcast!

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