Happy Holidays – How Do We Get There?

An encouraging word about the Holidays now that they’re here! Dr. Alveda King shares a reminder that in this time where so many are divided, not to forget to exercise the fruits of the Spirit.

Around Thanksgiving Season, I begin to half-jokingly say: “Don’t be guilty of ripping the leg off the turkey” and “beating up others with it.” I only say half-jokingly because so many families are divided these days. I know the Bible teaches that relatives will rise up to disagree with others, but does this have to happen in our families?

During the holiday season, there will be plenty of good food to go around. In addition to spending time with family and friends, ministry always joins in efforts to feed the hungry. Then, for the rest of the day, our family makes the rounds from house to house, delivering delicious dishes and good cheer. All of this is good; but without Agape Love at the tables, something is missing. Along with genuine Agape Love, another addition to the meals and festivities should be a “spiritual fruit bowl.”

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Source: Happy Holidays – How Do We Get There? | The Elijah List

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