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Prayer declarations for March 2019

Washington D.C. Government


Join us in declaring the following:
1. God’s truth and plans will go forth. His truth marches forth. His plans will bring down the antichrist that threatens this nation.
2. Bind the Assyrians, decree that my people will rise up and refuse to be captured and held slaves to the oppression of this political spirit that has been unleashed upon this nation.
3. Decree that Alexandria Ocasia Cortez be exposed. Decree that she goes off script more and more.
4. Decree that the ungodly behaviors of Obama, Clinton and Mueller will be exposed. Expose who is swimming in the swamp so that the true swamp can be drained.
5. Decree that Pelosi, Warren, Harris, Schumer’s fraudulent behavior is so exposed that they are indicted and convicted.
6. Declare Trump is shielded by the angel armies.
7. Declare that the scales are removed from the eyes of those who are under the influence of the political and antichrist spirits.
March 20
1.Decree and declare that this nation will surely remain the Godly nation always intended.
2. Decree that America will stand strong with Israel.
3. Declare that Trump will set his eyes on my righteousness and he will continue to have a personal transformation as he learns more of me.
4. Decree that those who think that I can’t use a man like Trump will begin to see things less from a man’s point of view and more from God’s sovereignty. And as they see more, declare that they will indeed become more battle ready to fight against the evil, for indeed many in the political arena had slept with sin and have become pregnant with more evil plans. They are breeding lies.
5. Decree that this wicked birthing will not take place that it will die before it is birthed in this nation.
6. Decree that the birthing of socialism, godlessness and lawlessness will cease to have life.
7. And declare that more of my people become willing to leave the “political correctness” that actually herds them into accepting things that are not Godly or of my sovereign plans for this nation.
8. Decree that more of my people begin to recognize that a Godly nation is a nation that lives less by religious rules and more by kingdom principles of righteousness, righteous indignation, that a Godly nation stands by Israel.
9. Declare that they begin to recognize that loving all people does not equal entering in to the ways of all people.
10. Declare that the unrighteous backroom dealings and plans of the political spirit will be revealed and that the words and behaviors of Clinton’s, Obama, AOC, Pelosi, Harris, Booker, Warren and others who turn from me will come out as muddled Babel that has no merit and reveals their unrighteous and wicked plans to remove me from this nation.
11. Decree that the voices of Jeanine Pirro, Wallnau, Dutch Sheets, and others will reveal more of me and make my plans for this nation more desirable than the spirits of political correctness, Jezebel, and the antichrist.

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