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The tipping point? The Muslim Leader of PNG, over 30,00 Muslims is to retire after being led to the Lord by His former subordinate, a Pastor now a Christian. Please pray for the Former Muslim Chief Michael and his family, and Joseph and His family, and all Muslims in PNG come under Christian umbrella, also all their Mosques, businesses, schools and other entities come under the Christian Umbrella.

Joseph's Story, Only he goes before the Muslim Immam, not Pharaoh

Prayer for Leadership training in Papua New Guinea Wallnau style


April 19, 2018

Hello Dearhearts, Joseph, since becoming a Christian, has led his family to the Lord, and they have moved up to Madang, and are under Pastor David. He has made significant relations with people. Monday, he arrived here on Station, and told Rev. Jeff and I that His Muslim Chief had called him and invited him down to Moresby to tell him about Jesus. This man is Michael, and he invited Joseph to his house. Michael said “the Muslim way is useless, come down and bring the Jesus film”. Barnabas also testified of his peace and Joy, and this testimony is also what amazed this Muslim leader. Today I received a phone call from Joseph, he informed me that Michael and his whole family had turned their hearts to God, all would watch the Jesus Film tonight, please pray for Godly mentors. Chaplain Moses and DS Ako will be trying to connect with this family in Moresby, there place is popondetta and we have a Nurse at that Hospital named Jethro that came from Kudjip, there is also a Nazarene Church there. Please pray for deep heart changes, and that the prayers of renunciation will be said. this Michael is over 30,000 muslims here in PNG. pray for these 30,000! GOD IS GOOD!


On 24 Feb 2018, at 12:38, Karla Deuel wrote:

While Tim and I were in Vanuatu, a man came and did a mini conference on converting Muslims to Christians. I bought the book and studied it and the DVD while in Vanuatu. Yesterday, Joseph came to the Station, looking for someone to help him convert to Christianity. He was an Islamic Pastor. Many people participated in his salvation yesterday, and we used the book before and after to help him renounce the Islamic Faith and everything connected to allah. He had read the Christian Bible 3 times, and could quote scripture to us. If you feel led you can pray for Joseph and Maggie and there 4 children.

Last night, he did call the leader over him, and told him he had renounced allah, and asked God into his life. Immediately the man told him, the school fees for his 4 children are cancelled. That is a big deal, we told him we would be praying for him. He has the name of the Pastor at Ono Nazarene Church in the North Coast District, so we pray for him and his family and church also. Joseph was raised Catholic, had been at the Catholic Seminary, when he was converted to the Islamic System. He then spent 24 years as an Islamic Pastor and was saved Feb 23, 2018. I asked him when he came to Minj (about twenty minutes east) on his Islamic Mission to convert people to Muslims, what person did he talk to before he came to the Mission station here. He said no one, God called him out, and he knew of the Nazarene Station and Hospital here at Kudjip, and that he could find a Pastor or Missionary here to help him. He had never been up into the Highlands of PNG before.

Charity saw Joseph standing in front of the Field Office, she asked him how she could help him. He said can someone help me I want to convert to Christianity? She said I will find a Pastor, the Pastor was not home, Tim and I were looking for her, so when I saw her, I said what’s going on? She said I have a man that wants to become a Christian, he is Muslim. I grabbed the book, Setting the Captives Free, my Bible and we headed to the Field Office. Charity introduced me to Joseph, I asked him into the Field Office, knowing my co-workers were inside. Also inside was one of our newest District Superintendants Rev. Conicious Kono, I introduced them and asked if the DS would pray over this man, he immediately did, then we went into the conference room.

Joseph preceded to read the prayers for renunciation and declarations from the book. We all could feel his chains breaking by the power of the Holy Spirit, he was stopping every once in a while to wipe his tears and would also say “Praise the LORD”. Then DS Conicious, led him to the Lord, and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. We had other prayers for renunciation that Joseph read and declared. I went out, and Rev. Jeff called Chaplain Moses to come also and meet this man. Chaplain Moses works with patients in the hospital to renounce idols, and after giving him a pigeon Bible, also explained the 16 articles of faith, gave him a Nazarene manual, and took down his phone number and village name so he can follow up with him and his family at a later date. This morning he came to our house, we fed him, and I gave him the book with the prayers of renunciation. He explained his fears of meeting with his children and having no way to provide for there continued schooling. We assured him many people would be praying for him and his family. Joseph’s wife Maggie is also ready to convert to Christianity, and when they talked on the phone, said “please come back now, so we can leave this place and go back to our village, then we can find a Nazarene Church. They live in a Port city on the North Coast of PNG, there are many Muslims there. Joseph shared his concern over his wife with us, since she was considered a second class person in allah’s eyes. One of the scriptures that had spoken to him, was Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free man, there is neither male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Before Joseph left, he told us that yesterday the Lord had him read John 20:21 & 22, “Jesus therefore said to them again, “Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you. And when He had said this He breathed on them, and said to them, “receive the Holy Spirit”. He is now traveling, but he knows God is his Shield and Protector, whose blood is mightier than any system on earth.

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