God Said: ‘Let Me Show You How My Acceleration Process Works’

Ten years ago, Cameron King had a vision after a period of frustration. In September this year, following a fast right before Rosh Hoshana, the Lord spoke to him again and gave him further insight into his vision.


1. Faithfulness is the Qualifier for Acceleration

The Father will not invest Himself in your victory if you’re not willing to do so as well. He’ll not part the Red Sea for someone too lazy to walk to shore. He gives us a command, and our faithfulness in obeying what He has said qualifies us for for His additional involvement. (Keep in mind, we’re not talking about earning righteousness, we’re talking about multiplying talents. See Matthew 25:14-30 for reference.)

2. The Acceleration Process is Still a Process

Acceleration doesn’t mean God does everything for us or that things are instantaneous. It means the providential events that shape our lives are occurring more frequently.

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Source: God Said: ‘Let Me Show You How My Acceleration Process Works | The Elijah List


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