God Isn’t A Republican Or A Democrat

I run into people who say, “GOD ISN’T A REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT” and I agree. There are bad actors in both camps. True? Let’s talk as friends about the idea that “GOD DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR POLITICS.”

This concept captures a division in the church that I’m sure is unintentional. This divide is one I used to struggle with until I realized I actually did care about who was babysitting my kids while I went on a date night. My children are precious and I left somebody in charge of them. Think of politicians this way. Your babysitter is watching over your government, your money, your kids’ education, and the creation of laws you must obey.

So I’m curious. Curious about love and politics because we keep putting somebody in charge and…

Somebody is aborting babies.
Somebody is taking your money.
Somebody is spending it and getting richer.
Somebody is driving us to a debt crisis. A Great Depression.
Somebody authorized transgenders to teach your children.
Somebody uses your tax money to indoctrinate college students in anti-American thinking and Marxism.
Somebody wants to give free U.S. citizenship, free U.S. healthcare, and free U.S. education to everyone who can break into our borders – and somebody wants you to pay for it.

You don’t love God maturely if you don’t care about somebody.

LOVE gets informed. LOVE takes responsibility. And yes, love votes.

What is POLITICS? What is it in our country?

To my thinking it is:

1. The structure through which legal citizens (of the people)
2. Choose leaders (by the people)
3. Who create and execute policies (for the people)
4. Based on the right principles (under God.)

If you love God and LOVE PEOPLE you will be intensely interested in whose principles and VALUES are being legislated by what leaders. (Welcome to POLITICS.)

Don’t fall into the trap of making an artificial divide between spirituality and politics. The devil is intensely spiritual and he loves media and entertainment and schools and politics. Let’s move toward where he sets up shop. Lets storm where the gates of hell are located.

We just might find God there.

(Nothing written here is a personal response to any person, post, position or opinion held by anyone else.)

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