God is Breaking Off Demonic Delay!

Madeline James describes a recent angelic visitation she had in her home. She asked the Lord about it and was told this was the Angel of Promise and was led to read Revelation 10:1-11. She also shared that angels are being sent to assist those in a season of transition and keep pressing into the promises of God He’s given.


I believe this angel is being released in this time of transition to help assist the Body of Christ to walk in the promises that have been declared over each life. This is a season where your book of life is being accessed (Psalm 139:16). There has been much delay over the past few of years, causing the people of God to become disheartened with hope deferred. The enemy may cause delay through certain circumstances or warfare, but he cannot stop the promises of God unless we give him an open door.

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Source: God is Breaking Off Demonic Delay! | The Elijah List

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