Global Evangelical Leaders: Trump’s Win Will Harm the Church’s Witness

This article shows how Christianity Today (CT) is coming under the influence of liberal evangelicals and how the global body has no grid to understand the Sheep Nation paradigm.

Here are four observations:
1. The ongoing slide of CT reveals the influence of liberals on evangelicals.

2. The power of global media, including CNN and BBC. Most of my friends in UK were shocked I was supporting Trump. Their perceptions against him were prejudiced by their own media.

3. The need to address the difference between globalism and healthy patriotism and the threat that each presents without the leavening influence of a vibrant church and the stabilizing influence of Judeo Christian values on individual passion and institutional corruption.

4. None of them read my book. If they did they would understand that the Cyrus who appeared in answer to Daniels prayers was an “anointed” secular ruler and not a member of the Hebrew faith community.


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