Get Ready to Bounce Back!

Andrew Towe heard from the Holy Spirit while in corporate prayer. The word he was given talks about those who had been hard hit by the enemy and how in 2019 the Lord will help them “bounce back.”


One Sunday, while in corporate prayer with the intercessors from my church, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Get ready to bounce back.” He gave me a vision of a huge ball that was violently thrown to the ground with great force. It bounced off the pavement, causing the ball to soar high into the air. God spoke to me and said, “The harder the hit, the higher the bounce back.”

Many of you reading this faced great opposition in 2018. Those very trials of resistance were setting you up for God’s acceleration in your life that will be taking place in 2019.

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Source: Get Ready to Bounce Back! | The Elijah List

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