Get Ready for the More That’s in Store!

Alane Haynes shares a prophetic insight she had in a financial situation that was unexpectedly turned around for her. She also shares how this is a time for overturning the enemy’s plans and showing off the beauty of God’s bride, and how this is a time for divine turnarounds and reversals.



Just like my fees were overturned, Holy Spirit reminded me about the times when the enemy’s plans against the Jews were overturned. It began with Queen Vashti refusing to come forth at the king’s beckoning when he wanted to show off her beauty (Esther 1:11). The Lord spoke to me about how much He wants to show us off as the beauty of His creation, His redemption and His great love, which is lavished upon us. It’s time to come out of hiding and let Him show us off! There is no more time for false humility, it’s not about us, it’s about His goodness and glory!

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Source: Get Ready for the More That’s in Store! | The Elijah List

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