George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, And The Burning Issues Of The Day

Let’s talk about these ‘peaceful’ protests that we’ve witnessed in the last week in reaction to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin. The big assumption is that this was racism, but how do we know it’s racism instead of just police brutality? What he did was so inexcusable and really we just don’t know. Maybe their police department needs fixing. It’s a Democrat run city, with a Democrat Mayor, and Derek Chauvin had no less than 13 complaints against him! What happened to those 13 complaints? I’m sorry to say it but the Democrat union. The unions interfered, and that’s the problem–they protect terrible cops!

Now, rioters and their enablers claim that their actions are justified by an epidemic of police shootings on unarmed black men. According to the numbers, there is no such epidemic. I’d suggest watching Candace Owens recent video, she had a lot to say about the characters involved in this incident. George Floyd’s family have said that what’s happening in his name is reprehensible. The video of what happened to Floyd caused universal outrage, you’ll struggle to find anyone on either side of the political aisle who does not want Chauvin to face justice.

We’ll look at that data to find out more about this ‘epidemic’. We need the data on these problems so we can help be a part of the solution, but the evidence is mounting up for systemic manipulation of media and race issues for political purposes.

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