General Flynn, The Failing Deep State, & Frightening Economic Reset

This is a month of firsts, I’ve never seen so much happening at the one time! There’s breaking news on President Obama’s involvement in the FBI setup of Michael Flynn, a prophetic moment in The White House Rose Garden, where Paula White delivers a prophetic word to the President after fasting and praying. We have a charge for how we’re going to go forward in the United States in the contest with China so we can recover all.

The wheels have come off the deep state; coronavirus has been rewriting the playbook on liberty, and America is entering the fourth crucible, so we’re going to take a look at that prophetic timeline from the perspective of the Jewish calendar. Nations are entering the valley of decisions – as long as America is strong, the economies of the world work with our value system.

Before Trump was elected, he warned that globalists were gutting America, and as a country, we were getting weaker. As soon as he was elected, he began restoring jobs, restoring the economy, and challenging China.

Finally, my economist friend, Marc Nuttle, is going to walk us through the frightening economic reset we’re seeing.

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