Gay CNN anchor Don Lemon attacks black pastor

Gay CNN anchor Don Lemon just attacked a black pastor who once opposed Obama’s same-sex agenda. Then followed this up by accusing this black pastor of supporting a racist President.

Have you ever wondered if media is disproportionately represented by gays compared to other people groups? The prime time slots for CNN and MSNBC are held by Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Rachael Maddow. There are more examples but I will stop there.

The point is that Gays represent 4% of the U.S.population, that’s – 4%- but you would never know that if you looked at TV programming. The Democrats don’t really believe in equality. Where is the equality in this lineup? Is this representing the 35% of the population who are evangelical and pro-life Catholic? Or the 50 million people who voted for Trump?


The truth is I don’t need to know if a newscaster is gay, straight, circumcised, agnostic or a member of a particular party. I’d consider it an evidence of Gods intervention if we could just get news sources that did good journalism and practiced neutrality.

I’d also like some ownership over the global slime job CNN has done on. America. In their lust for power they consider any tactic justified, including lying about Russian collusion.

By the way, did I ever give you my theory on why Russia is singled out of the rouges gallery and China, Iran and North Korea get off free? It’s in part a reaction to Putin’s anti gay stance. Think about this. The State Dept. till recently flew a rainbow flag with our national flag at various embassies and forced nations to embrace our beliefs on homosexuality in order for them to revive U.S. support.

Source: CNN’s Don Lemon slammed for ‘ambushing’ black pastor who didn’t criticize Trump during interview: ‘Journalistic malpractice!’ | Fox News

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