Five Visions for 2019 and The Year of the Nine

Marsha and Bill Burns write a popular prophetic devotional they release on a daily basis and have written a word for the year 2019. Marsha Burns shares on a series of five visions she had and her husband Bill shares a word that 2019 will be a year of increased vision and how to be in a position for this.



I saw a vast number of people sorting through garbage at a dump site. I was reminded of a vision I had some time ago… of following a path around a huge garbage dump that finally led to a lake and then up a steep mountain. In that vision the garbage dump was symbolic of politics, and mostly had to do with garbage from the polarized media. So I knew that in this current dream, the people sorting through the garbage were those who have gotten stuck or who have become addicted to political rhetoric in an effort to find the truth.

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Source: Five Visions for 2019 and The Year of the Nine | The Elijah List

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