Firewall: America in Chaos, The New False Religion, And Deciding Our Future

The chaos gripping American is a sign that we are facing a moment of decision, a contest of worldviews over who will govern the future. Political forces are using racial unrest as a mechanism to overturn America as we know it and rip the people from the police department’s protection. Defense Secretary Mark Esper called a press conference to oppose President Trump’s potential use of the Insurrection Act to protect American citizens during the chaos, choosing to be part of the resistance to the American electorate.

This proves that the political influence of party politics in the Pentagon is part of the deep state problem! We need to have more time for the President to uproot the political ideologists who are no longer serving their Presidents, instead choosing to follow their own political agendas. Understand this – America represents the sole force who can resist the ambitions of China to dominate the world. We need to wake up to the fact that there’s a multi-prong threat upon us.

I want to share something with you from Elton Trueblood; a noted 20th century Quaker and theologian, scholar, and chaplain for both Harvard and Stanford. Elton Trueblood was asked a question by Dr. Carl Henry, which was, “what do you see for the Church of Jesus Christ in the future?” Well, Trueblood said that by the year 2000, Christians in America would be conscious minorities surrounded by arrogant, militant paganism. He predicted that the faith, the era of Billy Graham, the period of loving America and God and believing in the bible and traditional values were going down, and the new American religion was going to become woke politics. It’s interesting that we call it being woke when we’re praying for a great awakening. Well, the counterfeit awakening is all about being woke. It’s a false religion devoid of redemption; there’s no reconciliation.

The 2020 election is going to determine what kind of America emerges in the future. We’ve already seen that the likes of Schumer and Pelosi are willing to bow to the manipulation of the masses for political purposes. That’s the new sacred, and the reason we should stand up and not bend the knee to Baal. In the next broadcast, we’re going to talk to Will Ford of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas. He’s one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve come across in my time working in the ministry, business, and media. He’s dedicated his life to bringing reconciliation and healing to races and the United States in particular.

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