Firewall: A word for the UK, biblical economics, and the rise of Marxism in America

In today’s Firewall episode, I’m talking to Cindy Jacobs about how the time we are going through could be a dress rehearsal for Matthew 24, biblical economics, and RFID chips small enough to be implanted under human skin.

We discuss the re-emergence of Marxism and Communism in America, the Red Guard (American Marxist–Leninist–Maoist collectives), and how Socialism has gained popularity in America. All of the Democrats’ policies right now are socialist and American is heading for a tipping point.

Cindy prophesied 20 years ago that the spirit of communism would be going from China to Latin America, and the leaders all said it would never happen. She warned pastors in Argentina that their economy would collapse, and people in high-end clothing would be eating out of garbage cans. They were shocked, said it would never happen. One year later, it came true.

Many people are mobilizing for prayer, and we’ve seen that a lot since the 2016 election. There’s a great word for the UK about them being a resolute nation and so much more!



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