Fire Is About To Fall On Your Prayer Life

Lana Vawser shared a word she received regarding our prayer life and what the Lord spoke to her. Some of what He spoke to her covers an increase of power in prayer in ways that will surprise some, a call to return to Him, and a return to our first love. She also shares the decrees she heard Him say.



There are keys, strategies and deeper levels of His heart that He is inviting us into in this new era. The place of seeing and partnering with the strategy of heaven, even when it looks completely different to anything we have ever seen and praying His heart, praying His Word, praying His dreams into the earth. There is such a deeper area of His heart that is going to be revealed in this new era that is going to see some of the greatest demonstrations of His power that we have ever seen.
I have been hearing the sound of earthquakes in the spirit and in my dreams recently and as I have sat with the Lord, one thing that He keeps speaking over and over is in this new era the body of Christ are about to be ASTONISHED by the POWER OF PRAYER!!!!
There is going to be such violent, glorious, rumbles of intercession that are going to manifest in prayer lives, rooms and places unlike anything we have experienced before. Prayer rooms, houses, lives and gatherings are about to SHAKE with the power of God as the prayers of the saints arise. There are going to be louder groanings of intercession that is going to come upon the body of Christ in order to BIRTH the mighty explosive move of God upon the earth that we are all anticipating.

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