Finally Got This Wild Mario Murillo Interview Recording

Finally got this wild Mario Murillo interview recording for you. We went down some incendiary paths on that call. Catch it while it’s available.

I pinned it to the top of my “Lance Wallnau” Facebook page.

Also, I’m so mad at this fake social security scam I’m getting calls about. I’m half ready to prank call them back and tell them I made up a new social security number because I think my old one expired. Seriously. I will broadcast it. What else do you suggest?

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  1. Maria

    I am getting the same Social Security spam phone calls as well. I laughed when I got the first one – so fake lol. They want you to give them your Social Security number so they can “fix” it (ie so they can have your SS# and open up new credit cards, etc)

  2. Jo

    Haven’t had any prank calls like that BUT I never answer any number that I am not familiar with as they are usually “I need money” calls.

  3. We need to stand against. Standing is something the body of Christ has buried for decades if not centuries. I have had attempted scams as well and have acted against them, not out of vengeance but justice. On one occasion I had an “employee of Microsoft “ call and say they detected a problem with my computer and would I allow access for them to take my computer over and fix it. So without doing a thing I verbally followed their instructions for 20 minutes and after I wasted their time as they became exasperated and finished by saying I only pretended to follow their instruction but in fact was sitting idle and pretending to walk through the instructions knowing it was a hoax. Then I ask them to consider getting a real job and waking up feeling better about contributing to society rather than stealing from it….they hung up.

  4. Rev. Sophia Snyder

    I don’t think you need to scam them to prove a point they already known and are warning citizens. I called them to complain.Fun thinking about it I know but God will take care of them. I commission the Hosts of Heaven to go and fight for us all in Jesus name Amen. They are our ministering angels and to gain safety I command the Hosts of Heaven to clear the way for me each time I walk since I live in the mountains and there are wildlife here that could be harmful to man.

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