Fear Has Broken Out In The Church

Back by popular demand, we have Pastor Che Ahn with us again today. He has both a warning and an awakening word about what is happening. God did not call us to be cowards, and Che showed that he certainly wasn’t one when he sued California and Governor Newsom!

Governor Newsom is supposed to support people’s rights; instead, he violated them by locking them down. He even said that churches were non-essential. We’ve been essential for the last two thousand years. Where would Western Civilization be without God’s word, the church, and the gospel of Jesus Christ?

State stores are essential, Planned Parenthood is essential, abortion clinics are essential, even marijuana dispensaries are essential, but not the church. Are you kidding me? There are lots of churches making this heroic stand in California. Pastor Rob McCoy and Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Church, Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church, there are one hundred and sixty-two churches in Che’s network making a stand.

On the flip side, some of the mega-churches are afraid to stand up – we need revival for the church!

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