It’s the Era of Family and Nations!

From Nate Johnston is an encouraging word covering family and nations. He believes this is a word in this season for the Church because God is preparing His Bride for incredible and crucial days to come.

Era of Family and Nations

The two words that have been burning in my spirit for months now are “FAMILY” and “NATIONS,” and God has been downloading the most glorious heavenly blueprints of the Church’s “Isaiah 60” era in action. It has caused a new hunger and passion to rise up in me for what He has shown me is coming.

God kept saying to me that this is the time of “family and nations” as if they were the same entity. I think that we, as the Body of Christ, have always put family on one spectrum and the call to nations on the other, but He was saying to me that He was going to stitch them back together where religion had torn them apart.

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Source: It’s the Era of Family and Nations! | The Elijah List

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