Everything is About to Change. Get Ready!

Wanda Alger shares how the corporate Church is in a significant season of transition. The Body of Christ is beginning to rise up and engage in culture more and more, and prophetic voices have been calling for believers to step up and the call for the Church to “wake up. All of which is resulting in the Lord shifting the grace on numerous leaders in the Church preparing them for new roles the Lord is calling them into.



For some, you have wondered what’s happening. That which was familiar is now outdated and that which was once considered easy is now laborious and tiring. This is because the grace for the past season is shifting. It has not lifted but is being shifted. God is preparing you to receive a new grace for a new commission. You are in God’s cocoon of transition, awaiting your time of release into a new role and assignment that will pale in comparison to where you’ve been.

Specifically, there are those who have operated in a prophetic grace who are being transitioned into an apostolic grace of leadership, management, and administration. That which was revealed to you under prophetic unction must now be put into action with an apostolic anointing. You have been prepared to give direction, provide oversight, and administrate the blueprints for the season ahead.

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