Ella Onakoya: “Uncover the Mask of Fear & Enter the Mountain of God”

Ella Onakoya shares a word regarding the wearing of masks. She also shares how the Lord spoke to her, saying she would not have to wear one, and a strategy He revealed to her.



Recently I saw a photo of a Jesus on Facebook who looked downtrodden as he went about with a mask while ministering to people. This was a sad photo but had become a symbol of the faith that many profess in this season. The move of the supernatural has become a distant memory in many places as many sadly seem to worship at the altar of fear of a virus that has already been defeated by Jesus. May the Lord unmask hearts in this hour to see that the power of the resurrected Christ is still as powerful as ever.

I believe the real Jesus would not wear a mask, as I remember Him assuring me I would not need to wear one during this pandemic as His glory protects me. His glory has only increased as I’ve obeyed and ministered without a mask in London – on the streets now, and in churches in nations before their lockdown – experiencing many coming out of their atmosphere of fear and into relationship with Jesus.

Recently a person I ministered to, who had a mask on, removed his mask and said for some reason he felt safe around me! This is what the Lord can do with an unmasked heart.

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Source: Ella Onakoya: “Uncover the Mask of Fear & Enter the Mountain of God” | The Elijah List

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