Don’t Let The Coronavirus Shut Down Your Future


In Mark 11, Jesus curses the fig tree, and it’s dried up at the roots. By doing that, Jesus was showing us that the spiritual realm controls the natural realm. We saw that when we prayed at Easter for coronavirus to be destroyed, striking at the root of the virus, now it’s dying out, and the CDC is downgrading it. The next thing we need to pray on is the impending economic disaster that comes after.

If we dealt with the cause at Easter, Pentecost is when we want to pray over mitigating the effect of economic disaster, releasing our words and prayers into the spiritual realm to ensure that our economy does not become the shutdown of America’s future.

America is being mismanaged by paranoia. We should not allow any more destruction of America’s future that God intended because of man’s interference. Cindy Jacobs gave a word a while ago that this virus would come in like a Lion, go out like a Lamb. I agree! The future of America is not guaranteed unless the people of God secure a United States that will fulfill God’s purpose.

What is it that God is seeking? Nations.

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