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Mario Murillo shares his predictions post-Mueller report. The report confirmed that the Russian investigation was actually a witch hunt and an elaborate hoax. Murillo also writes how the church cannot be passive or fear supporting our President Trump just because things have gotten so heated.


-The first miracle was a grace that rested upon Trump and his family. No family and no man could have endured the vile tsunami of lies, insults, and threats, unless they were supernaturally sustained.

-The second, is that this witch hunt was destroyed. Look at who was against him: 400 newspapers. All the late-night talk show hosts. Every major network but Fox. The Moles in the FBI and CIA, the Democrat Party, and on and on it goes. How did they not get what they wanted? Why couldn’t the greatest cadre of power in history bring down one man?

Psalm 41:11 explains it: “By this I know that You are well pleased with me, because my enemy does not triumph over me.” The Mueller investigation was the great hope of the Left. It is why they spent 2 years pouring every last drop of their currency into it.

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