The DNA you carry links to your destiny

The DNA you carry links to your destiny… Think about it, even a small sample of DNA can reveal who your parents are and the makeup of your ethnic heritage going back thousands of years! As a believer – you carry the DNA of your Creator and redeemer right inside of you. You are a whole lot smarter, gifted and capable than you think! DNA is the unique code inside your spirit and woven into the aptitudes of your soul and body that when activated reveals your HEAVENLY identity.

If your body — which is subject to decay and death — has a unique identity code, how about your inner man — the part of you that outlasts your body? There is a DNA you carry that links to your destiny. God has hidden this treasure in a place where nobody else can steal it and perhaps in the one place you never thought to look—inside of you!

Your spirit carries the DNA code to your calling, purpose, and destiny. If you are a believer you have what’s called a “regenerated” spirit, or “born again” spirit man. A whole new you is living inside of you. This new spirit has your spiritual DNA! You just need to decode it….

This is why I created the “Ultimate Life Strategy” just for you. Unlocking the Convergence Code is unlocking what you already have inside you and putting it to its intended use! Code cracking is easy when you have the right tools. Your life is leaving you BIG clues you just need to know where to look. It is like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs leading them back to their house.

This training is the ultimate life hack on the subject of Destiny. Get ready to throw out 80% of what’s useless and learn to focus on:

– 6 Core Drivers of all human behavior (4 universal – 2 used by masters).
– Unpacking your life journey: From sovereign design to history to Convergence.
– How to find and live in the Convergence zone!
– The 5 stages of convergence and final stage called “Legacy.”
– Identifying the “Convergence Zone” when it shows up!
– Maximize your “Personal Capacity” with the “Life Wheel” Interactive Profile.

My goal is to get you into your “convergence zone.” This is a term I’ve used for the last four years to describe something like an energy field. It is like a vortex that sucks you into uncanny coincidences and “divine appointments.” The key to cracking your Convergence Code is increasing your awareness of a convergence zone and how to access it.

Here are some markers to help you recognize the convergence zone:

– The convergence zone is the place where you experience the future you — the person on the inside who wants to come out!
– You access a momentary alignment with your ultimate assignment and seem to get a glimpse of who you are in your tomorrow.
– The convergence zone is activated whenever you step into a role that fully utilizes your God-given talents.
– Convergence unleashes SUPERNATURAL ENERGY! It’s time for you to enter the ONE ROLE that frees you to utilize 100% of your latent gifts, talents, and acquired skills. Energy flows as you enter the eternal purpose to which you were born. Operating in your destiny design gives you access to levels of fulfillment unlike anything else.
– “The DNA you carry links to your destiny… You just need to decode it.” Convergence is the activation of your SPIRITUAL DNA. Everyone has a genetic design code called DNA. Your human spirit, when born again carries a spiritual DNA that links you to your place in the body of Christ, your spiritual gifts and your unique destiny assignment.

In “Your Ultimate Life Strategy” I will show you how to activate your SPIRITUAL DNA and the FOUR COMPONENTS that create your own “unique factor” that sets you apart. Together we will decode your genetic design that links you to your place in the body of Christ, your spiritual gifts and your unique destiny assignment. Don’t miss this … it’s time for you to find YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE!

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