Did You Know Christmas Was A Weapon?

Mario Murillo shares a story about a pamphlet that author Charles Dickens wrote called, An Appeal on Behalf of the Poor Man’s Child. Dickens never released it. He instead released what is the now well-known story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Murillo believes Dickens heard the voice of God to not release the pamphlet, and what could happen if he chose to write it as a story instead.



The spark of divine creativity does not rest on those who surmise what might sell or what won’t offend. It comes on those who would sacrifice all to obey God.

However, there is another reason creativity is in short supply: We don’t recognize the multiple opportunities of service outside the pulpit. Not everyone is a preacher—nor should they be! The gifts of God fit in business, art, media, healthcare, education and yes, politics.

Because God came upon a famous novelist like Charles Dickens, the devil was blindsided. What if you are supposed to create something no one has seen before?

Finally, the idea that we need to tone anything down to win souls is hogwash. Johnny Cash comes to mind. It is truly amazing the influence he carried. Bob Dylan, Elvis, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones revered him. Yet, he never muted his faith or his witness. God gave him a sound the world couldn’t resist.

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Source: Did You Know Christmas Was A Weapon? | Mario Murillo

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