DID I JUST HEAR THIS RIGHT? U.K. Missed the Manchester Jihadist because they have 20,000 to track!

Did I just hear this right? U.K. Missed the Manchester Jihadist because they have 20,000 to track!

Did you catch that?!  There are 20,000 Jihadists —that they KNOW about.  Not Muslims….JIHADISTS!  20,000 potential “blow you up” people!

They had a warning about this guy 3 times!  But they missed him because he didn’t make it to the top of the list….even with 3 warnings.

This is secular stupidity on steroids.  This is classic European Socialism. They don’t consider it “terrorism.”  They don’t know what to call it because they can’t come to grips with the fact that not all Muslims — 99% of Muslims are not terrorists.  But 100 percent of the incidents of people blowing themselves up in Europe are done by Muslims who are terrorists.

That ought to make you think.

So what is the answer?

The answer is in recognizing that the Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabian teaching promotes a certain species of extremism within the Islamic tradition that should be condemned.  You have to deal with this particular Wahhabi school of thought that is traced to the roots of Isis and Al-Qaeda.

There is more to this obviously.  As a Christian we know there is a power, there is a  spirit there’s a hatred, It’s the same spirit that works in any form of racism or extreme craziness.  But the answer is certainly – partially being honest.  – TWENTY THOUSAND – you heard it right here.  And this guy says they are checking the people they are supposed to be checking.  But somehow this guy slipped past.  Somehow he didn’t make it into the top pool.  A guy that is dangerous because they can’t keep up with them all.

This is crazy because so many will say, “There is no problem here in the UK, Lance.  It’s all your hysteria in the US.  We are perfectly safe over here.  We don’t have any problem at all.”

NOPE!  I think you have a problem, Houston.

It’s our children who will face the brunt of this crazy war.  This decade of assault from socialist, secularist and quasi-communists.  Marxists is what they are coming out of college thinking right now.  Every kid wants Bernie Sanders to be president.  But they want to live like they could be on Shark Tank.  They haven’t figured out, yet, you can either have Shark Tank or Chairman Mao.  You can’t have both.  But they haven’t quite got that message yet.

Lance is doing a camp in July.

Send your sons and daughters to get training on how to survive the onslaught of professors of college campuses.  He is specializing on training 50-75 young people to form cohorts like Maximus in the arena in Rome.  Where they can stay sane and maybe even be an awakening group to keep themselves spiritually strong.  And not seduced and drink the Kool-aid from the crazies that are teaching on the college campuses.  Parents are paying so much money and the government is subsidizing to propagandize the children for socialism in the future.

Go to LanceWallnau.com/7mGen.  There will be top debate coaches, world view coaches.  There will also be fun activities.  But there will be a really powerful Washington team to come in and train your sons and daughters on thinking clearly and debating coherently and owning completely a worldview that can resist the onslaught of the beast.

July 10-14th 2017
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