Mini AOC’s Take On The Democrats Impeachment Circus

Mini AOC explains impeachment circus

Sweet little Miss Mini AOC, an eight-year-old actress in California and known for her spoof social media account of the real AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), shares her thoughts from her Twitter account regarding the Democrats impeachment circus.

A few hours later, she she took to her Twitter account again, this time regarding the “star witness” from day one of the impeachment hearings, comparing it to the game of telephone.

“Our star witness witnessed another witness witnessing other witnesses witnessing the reason we’ve begun impeachment to impeach #PresidentTrump for the impeachable offense of being offensive by offending Democrats. Anyone remember the game telephone?”



For those who didn’t watch the first day of the “circus,” here are some highlights for you:

According to the Democrats: 1) an attempted crime is a crime and 2) it is not a defense if the only reason you stopped your criminal behavior was that you were about to get caught.

According to Rep. Mike Quigly, hearsay equals evidence.

When Rep. Jim Jordan was given his turn to ask questions one of his comments took the interwebs by storm with his comparison of church prayer chains that are easier to understand than the Democrats impeachment process.

“I’ve seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this,” Jordan continued. As Jordan tbegan breaking down the fact that Taylor’s information was all secondhand and contained no real substance, Adam Schiff swooped in, interrupting Jordan, saving the day which gave Taylor a chance to respond.

Also according to Jordan, what we know:

THE FACTS: 1) The transcript is public—it shows NO conditionality or quid pro quo 2) Presidents Trump and Zelensky have both confirmed—NO pressure 3) Ukraine didn’t know that aid was being withheld at the time of the call 4) The aid was released without any action from Ukraine


And to quote Miss Mini-AOC, “Did you know that?”

Mini AOC explains impeachment circus



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