Democrat Forced To Resign Over Patriotic Facebook Post

A former Democratic party executive and veteran has been forced to step down over a year old facebook post which says “I stand for the flag, I kneel for the cross.” Mark Salvas was asked to step down from the Allegheny County, PA Democratic Party over the post.

During his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox, Salvas explained that the people who dug up this old post tried to link it to the NFL players taking the knee at games and denounced him online as a racist, even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Tucker asked if this was even that odd a thing to say, coming from the head of a Pennsylvania Democratic country party.

“Absolutely not. And I can tell you even just last year when the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to stay in the locker room instead of come out for the national anthem, one player, Villanueva, who was an Army Ranger, came out and stood by himself with his hand over his heart and he was not considered a racist,” Salvas replied.

You can watch the full interview below.

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