Day 77 of the year 5777 Cyrus Trump And Syria

Well my friends I’ve been wanting to get in touch with you. I’m on a ship with Annabel and we are spending a couple of days together but before I leave I wanted to decree something.

Did I not say the Year 5777 the year the clashing of swords. Donald Trump or Cyrus Trump has come to office. This is the hour when Sheep Nations will begin to emerge and kings will realign.

This is Isaiah 45. It’s amazing to me that what Donald Trump did with his action in Syria took place exactly on the 77th day. Think about that. The 77 day of his administration, in the year 5777. The number 7 being the number for swords. The number 7 being the word for sword. On this, the 77th day of the year of the clashing of swords the number seven being swords. Over 55 or 58 Tomahawk missiles were launched as a largely symbolic gesture.

Trump did this at night to minimize casualties.

He did it by warning the Russians first which unfortunately alerted the Syrians so they got all their planes off the airstrip so they did not take out the air airpower.

But the message was sent on a moment’s notice. This president can do the unpredictable. Now what makes this a beautiful moment for you as a Christian and a moment that is causing China, Russia and Iran and North Korea to recalculate is the fact that Trump gave every indication that he didn’t want any adventurism in Syria.

He literally by disposition and philosophy by pragmatic orientation he said stay out of Syria.

He recommended the President Obama to not get involved. And guess what.

When he saw the burnt bodies of civilians. I’m sorry to say these atrocities have been going on for years. Washington insiders, Pentagon people they have seen this garbage and they’re desensitized.

Trump as a New York businessman evidently never saw the effect the sarin gas as it causes your bowels to lose and your lungs to burn and foam to come out of your mouth. He watched and gasping and gagging and burning of children.

And being the being the human being that he is as a New York businessman he was shocked and revolted. And what happened was the king’s countenance turned and in a moment he swore that that power had to be destroyed that did this evil thing.

He is acting like a former king of Israel my friend. And the Word of the Lord is the heart of the kings is in the hand of the Lord and He turns it wherever He wants. This wasn’t Trump’s plan six months ago. It wasn’t Trump’s plan two weeks ago. But when he saw the carnage his prophetic intuition confirmed there will be a benefit to striking. There’ll be a message sent and it is a just and righteous thing to do.

This is Cyrus for America right now. Now I am embarrassed to confess that Donald Trump meeting the church said in my presence he said I met the leaders of the church and I’ve noticed one thing and I thought would he say love, fortitude, loyalty, patriotism, hope or optimism. You know what ye said? FEAR!

It’s interesting that it was a nerve gas that Trump responded to because the first quality that I love about Donald Trump was courage. The fact that he would crush those delicate eggs of political correctness and didn’t care where his feet stepped. I’m telling you something. Terrorism is the manifestation of fear. But there has been a spirit of fear loose by progressives in the United States where Christians are afraid.

Afraid to speak up about LGBT issues, are afraid to get on the wrong side about racially manipulated conversations, afraid to be misunderstood as loving and kind and good. And so what we’ve done is we rendered ourselves as absurd pacifists as in the great battle of the ages.

It’s time we found out what the truth is and have the courage to stand wincingly and lovingly side-by-side with a multi-ethnic expression with Asian, Hispanic, African-American and Caucasian and any other nationality male and female we should be Joseph’s many colored coat. And we should be speaking AS ONE.

That there is a way that the world works best. And that’s the way that Jesus Christ taught. We should get clear in our own conversation and clear in our own worldview.

Cyrus Trump on the 77th day of his administration. That the two swords coming together. It’s time that the sword of a Secular Reformation and the sword of a Spiritual Reformation join forces.

On the 77th day of his administration the spirit of the Lord is being released to the church to wake up and raise up the Ezras who will join in supporting Cyrus for the restoration of faith and for the restoration of the walls that need to surround the sovereignty of nations.

The Brits, that was a God thing. Trump was a God thing and you know why? Babylon the global progressive and elites are linked together. They have more in common with each other in London and in L.A. and in New York than the America’s elite have with their own country.

We have to understand that the sovereignty of nations is what God wants to restore because they’re sheep nations. Nations that that are going to reveal the glory of God. Nations that are going to reveal their glory meaning their unique and beauty and contribution. God is the God of living stones and every stone has its own shape like every person every one of us has our own measure of talent and ability and God comes to fit us together as an expression of him.

Babylon comes to suppress, to cut you down, to make you a brick in their wall. The Tower of Babel was made with bricks. The Temple of Jerusalem is made with stones cut off from the quarry and joined together.

In the name of Jesus I pray that the church begins to find our tribe! Find our company. Share this broadcast, share this vigilantly. The nerve gas is no longer going to affect the Body of Christ we are not going to lose the war nerve. We’re going to strike the arrows to the ground and God is going to send us deliverance in Jesus name.

We’re going to rise up and be a voice!

Oh by the way before we take off I’m going to be talking about this on our special weekend in Lake Tahoe. And I’m bringing in political organizers, artists movie makers and business wealth creators. And we’re going to be doing three days of probably about five 10 – 15 hours worth of broadcasting. And this is something I want you guys in on the inside conversation because this is the time when the movement is coming.

We are doing this in the month of May. And May is the month of Issachar. And Isacar is the tribe that knows what to do and sees the future. So that Issachar timing in May is critical. and we’re going to do a pre-event coach call with my people with all you guys. I want to send you material in advance and do a coach call with you so you can maximize the experience. It is time for you to find out where your sword is and sharpen it for the battle ahead.

Talk to guys later

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